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Measuring for Sizes

CHEST PROTECTOR: Start from the collarbone and measure down to the waist. It is far better to have an inch longer than an inch shorter in chest protectors.

LEG GUARDS: Start from the middle of the knee down to the ankle. This should be as precise and close as you can get it. Too short (even by an inch) will result in the flap at the ankle will ride high and too long will result in limiting free knee/leg movement.

MASK/HELMET: There is no way to measure for a face mask. The shape of each catcher's face differs and some masks either feel too wide or too narrow. Trying them on seems to be the best way (but impossible when buying online or via catalog). Helmet (hockey style) sizing is done by measuring the circumference of the head just above the ears.

MITT: Most youth catcher mitts are about a 32"-32 1/2" circumference, but some prefer a 33" mitt. Remember to wear your “inner glove” when trying out mitts for best feel/fit.

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